The GPB Model

The model applies the latest understanding of group social processes and group dynamics and how they impact on employee behaviour. Research tells us that for most people, their experiences at work have an effect on how they think and feel about themselves and their life. Where possible, most people want to feel good about their work life, they want to feel connected to their work and feel a part of something.

Modern attitudes to life focus heavily on the individual, their aspirations and achieving their personal goals. Likewise, the traditional approach within the workplace is to focus on the individual and the impact of personality, intelligence and experience on behaviour and performance. However, research tells us that behaviour and performance at work is as much determined by group dynamics as the individual. Organisations are not simply a collection of individuals; they are made up of many different groups, with their own norms and values, which impact on individual and overall group behaviour.

The GPB model builds a picture of your organisation and the people who work there. The model assesses this picture to identify where the organisation is functioning effectively, where it is underperforming, and what needs to be done to improve things.

To find out how the GPB model can help your specific challenge or goal please click on the relevant page under GPB Solutions.

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